Saturday, 17 March 2007

* Edited* I have just remembered on Monday while shopping in Big W Mia decided she would like some nail polish, it was only $3 so I said ok... She has been painting her nails & toenail all week so on friday morning she asked me If I would do it for her so I started painting her nails and Brie crawled over and stuck her hand out for me to do her nails as well. It was so cute she just held her hand out there for me to paint her nails, it is funny she doesn't like missing out if Mia is doing something she has to do it too, Mia is the same if Brie is doing something Mia has to do it too even if she knows it is naughty! & the best thing about the polish is it comes off in water.

Hi all,

Not much has been happening around our little household this week....... Salt has been on n/s all week it was his last one last night so he is busy sleeping atm.

Kellie came over last night she is just starting to scrapbook so she brought all her stuff over and she made 2 LO's we printed a sketch from pagemaps and the other I just help her do. I should have taken some photos of hers as well. Above are the 2 that I did last night the one of Bries bare bum I have to thank Mel for her lovely RAK that I received this week isn't the ribbon and flower just gorgeous she also sent a little round chipboard with Joyful on it and 2 other flowers - just bc she is lovely! & the fact that I sent her a recipe a few weeks ago.
We are heading to a party tonight and I am making pavalova for desert BUT I think it isn't going to work so I might be thinking of a backup plan..... It just looks like a dud in the oven it might not be though!!!
Poor little Brie is getting 2 more teeth she has got more teeth than Mia at the same age (she didn't have any).
I started my WW again this week I am back in the mood to try and loose weight so lets hope it all works for me...... eating easter eggs today wont be helping LOL
Salt and I had our 5th anniversary yesterday did you notice I didn't say celebrated LMAO cause we didn't he forgot and I got cranky not that there was anything he could do as he has been on nightshift and as if me telling him 2 days b4 hand that it was our anniversary on friday it didn't seem to sink in....grrrrr. When he got home this morning he tried to tell me that there wasn't anywhere in Nyngan to get flowers from on a saturday...blah blah blah. Maybe we will celebrate next weekend.
Mia is 3 soon so I asked her who she would like to come over and have cake with her so she started telling me Bailee, Brooke, the boys (Nathan & James), Mary (her doll ROTFLMAO), Mummy & Brie so that was good. I have had a party for her for her 1st & 2nd bdays but I think she is old enough to know who her friends are now and they can just come over and have cake & a little play. She likes the Wonder Pets so I found her a cake topper on Ebay so I am getting out of her cake easy this year.
I finished the challenge for the craft shop & forgot to take a photo of it b4 I dropped it off I am really happy with it, it only took me about 20mins so that was good. You were only aloud to use black & white which suited me as I have been loving black and white atm.
Ok I am going to get some more scrapping done b4 Brie wakes up.
Have a good weekend!


Amie said...

Great work on your layouts! Even with a teething baby, poor thing. My youngest turns 3 soon too. =)

I love that first layout with all the different textures and the color is awesome. Good work, girl!

Chrissy said...

That is so cute about the nail polish! Our Emmy had fun painting her brothers toe nails the other day! Very sparkly! LOL He was fine til he remembered he had to play soccer today! *giggle*