Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Fiona Carter

Here is my LO from Fiona Carter's sample class on her new website. It came together really well I just loved it until I started stamping on it LOL.
Brie had the worst night of her life last night and when she woke up at 6.30am to start her day I was one tired mumma.... anyway you should see the bottom of her tongue the poor thing has an ulcer coldsore thingy couldn't pronounce what the doctor called it so she has been dosed up on panadol and we are hoping for a better night tonight.
Had Fallons party today the lucky thing got to have 2 cakes one at playgroup and one at her party this afternoon. Mia had a ball, Brie had to stay at Grandma's as we didn't want the other kids getting a sore mouth.
Amie xx


Kyla said...

Get her to eat a Vegemite sandwich. It will sting like crap but the Vitamin B in it is xclnt for clearing up ulcers in the mouth. Hope she feels better soon.