Monday, 12 March 2007


A photo of Stacie on her birthday - "Happy 30th Birthday"

A huge weekend spent in the car is not alot of fun for a 10 month old who decided that her two front teeth would turn up!!!!

So yes I am really glad to be home...... We left at 11.30am on Thursday and the girls pretty much went to sleep 5km out of Nyngan, they woke up just b4 we got to parkes so we went to McDonalds and had some lunch I had the Tandoori Deli Choice and normally I am not a fan but it was so yummy. The girls had a little play and then we headed off again we got to cowra at about 4pm, unpacked the car and sat down and chatted to my brother and tony. Mum got home just after 5 and made the yummiest dinner I just love her cooking ( & I guess it tastes even better when I don't have to cook).

We got up the next morning and were on our way by 9am we went on the yass road as Mum said it isn't as hilly (Mia gets car sick) so anyway we got into Sydney and I had know idea how to get to stacie's - Steven was driving and I said just follow the signs into the city and surely there will be a sign saying northern beaches.... there wasn't!!! so poor Steven who is on his 'P's and had never driven in Sydney b4 was stuck in the middle of the city lost... it wasn't funny at the time, we found the Harbour Bridge and headed over it only to be in the wrong lane and instead of heading to mossman we went into Nth Sydney. We finally were on the right road heading to Stacies and I looked at the fuel gage we had 17kms till empty. Mum said she was starting to feel really ill... LOL all the fuel stations were on the other side of the road. We found one just in time so then it was all good again.

We got to Stacies and she was all frazzled as she thought we were going to be there a few hrs earlier... we would have been if I knew where I was going. The party was great I couldn't drink as I had the girls with me I did have 3 westcoasts but not enough to get in the party mood. Here are a few photos from the party.

Stacie and her friends Sam & Vanessa

Me and Stacie

Mia eating the Parmesan cheese

The fire dancers ( hopefully my course is going to teach me how to take photo's of stuff like this better)

The old granny (dressed up) she was a crackup pole dancing and using her cane to tap herself on her bum....

Anyway Steven had to play footy on Saturday night at Bathurst so we left Sydney and I knew where I was going but once again we got lost I was in the wrong lane and couldn't get off the M2 exit so we had to stop and ask for directions at least the kids slept all the way until about Leura... then Brie turned it on she had had enough of sitting in a car for 2 days she screamed and screamed so we stopped at Blackheath and had lunch BIG MISTAKE... Mum got in and drove and Mia was saying that her back was sore so I felt behind her there was nothing there and she kept crying and then stopped I had a look at her and her face was just white I said she was going to be sick so mum pulled over and I unbuckled her but Steven really didn't know what to do and she started to vomit and I was saying grab her get her out!!! as if he wanted to get spewed on LMAO now.... anyway he finally got her out and she spewed about 5 more times the poor little thing.... I think it is the worst I have ever seen her have car sickness. I guess that is what happens when you give her lunch b4 driving thru the mountains. Poor Brie was so over the cars we dropped Steve off at Bathurst and took them to Maccas again for a play I thought Brie would have slept on the way home to Cowra but no they both stayed awake and whinged all the way there.
I was going to come home yesterday but I thought they would be a real delight having 3 days straight of travelling.

We took Mia to the pet shop on Sunday morning and then to the park, Mum & Tony looked after the girls while Steve and I went to the movies LOL we went and saw Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore... the start of it just sucked & I was thinking poor Steven what a nice brother sitting thru a girly movie with his big sister : ) but it was all good in the end and I actually laughed quite a bit.

So the girls and I got up this morning and went and did some shopping at coles and then headed to parkes Big W to do some more shopping and more maccas LOL my fav food... & got home to Nyngan at 5.15pm -I think Mia was more excited to turn on the TV and watch NickJnr & Brie well all she has done is play with her toys so I think they both missed there house.

Salt is on night shift so I can catch up on all my blog stalking and maybe even a bit of scrapping tonight.

So if your still here goodnight!!!!


Amie said...

My goodness what a week you've had!! Wow! Poor little girl with her car sickness!

Kyla said...

Now you know what it is like when we travel out there with 3. Luckily none of mine get sick, but they have travelled since they were 2 days old!! There's nothing like being back home though, hope Stacie had a nice party. She looked like she was enjoying herself!!

Briony said...

Glad to see your home safely. There is nothing worse than tired, cranky kids in the car when your trying to drive. LMAO about getting lost in Sydney. Im only laughing, because that's so me. I'll be thinking 'surely there will be a sign etc'... Were off to Melb in a few weeks and Luke is hopeless with directions. I'll have to study the Melways thoroughly and make him drive. Poor Mia suffering car sickness. Touch wood, neither of mine have had it.

Melissa Goodsell said...

It looks like you had an awesome party, lol at the granny.