Friday, 30 March 2007


Last night Mia went to bed at about 7.15pm and at about 10pm I could hear her crying, I was doing some scrapping so I thought she might just go back to sleep but she kept on crying. I thought it was unusual that she didn't come and find me.... so I went in there and she was still asleep but getting even more upset so I tried to cuddle her but she was fighting me off saying "I want my mummy" the poor little thing must have been having a really bad dream. It took me a while to settle her down and I put her in my bed and she slept nice and sound until 7am this morning.

Here is a layout I did the other night.
Happy Birthday Briony for today and Happy Birthday to Narelle for the weekend I hope you both have great days !!!!!!
Have a good friday everyone.


Kyla said...

Must be the age Amie, as Mia & Allyce are around the same age. Allyce was the same way the other night saying, "I don't want to feed the fish," over & over....

Mel Goodsell said...

It's awful when your little ones have nightmares.
This layout is cool, so bright, happy and fun. THanks for sharing.

Chrissy said...

Awww, poor little poppet! It's awful when that happens to them hey! Our kiddies still do that and they are much older!

Love your LO shares Amie, so bright and fun!

Take care!
Chrissy xx

Amie said...

Wow, you have been on fire with these layouts!! So great! The ice cream one is my favorite I think!
Hey by the way, did you know that your page loads i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-y slow with that video on there? Just thought I'd let you know in case no one had ever mentioned it before. Take care!