Saturday, 24 March 2007

Anyone would think I have been busy!!!!

Well you would think I have been just too busy to post but NO...... We haven't been up to much at all just plodding along doing the same old thing. Why is it that when there is something on that you want to do a thousand other things come up as well... I am so busy today it is great I don't know how I am going to fit the scrapbooking in.....

I have to vote
Trae Smith was 2 yesterday so we are having cake with him at 11am Mia gets very excited about birthday cake.
I am having lunch with one of my bestest friends Kristy
Golf at 2pm

We won last night to put us into the final today GEE I hope we win I played so well I think I had 20 points - we had 50 to win the game 50 -38 I think. Very excited as this will be our last season as the Burlies Birdies we are not sure yet but either Kirsty or Burls will be playing on another team next year as Kirst will have another little baby and it is a bit hard to organise someone to look after both of them, so it will be better for mum and dad not to play on the same team, and just play on different nights.

I hope I play as good as I did last night today I don't know what was going on as for the last few weeks I have been playing like shit!

And lastly there is a scrapbooking day on at the craft shop it goes until late so I will get over there eventually just a bit later than most.

Brie has 6 teeth now I hope she doesn't get anymore for a while just to give her a break from the pain and runny poo's that she gets.

Brie has been quite funny this week she has started giving kisses which is sooo cute and Mia and Brie both watch a show called Peppa Pig anyone who knows this show will know what the song sounds like anyway when it comes on Brie snorts like a pig when the song does it is just funny the first time she did it I just cracked up.

Mia has slept in her bed for 8 nights straight I am so pleased with her. I read her a story between 7 -8 depending on how tired she is and then she just goes to sleep I love it.

Ok I will update soon.... Oh Harvey Norman rang up yesterday my cord is in the post......FINALLY!!!!


Nurse Nyngan said...

Very good news about the camers cord Amie, it has been a bloody epic!