Friday, 13 April 2007

Boobe' or Bath

Poor little Brie has been having a few shocking night over the last week and I am so glad that I still feed her as the only thing that settles her down is boobe' or a bath so at 6am tuesday morning we had a bath as she wouldn't stop crying and wouldn't drink either and this morning she has been up most of the night but at least I haven't had to run a bath yet!!! Why is it that during the day they are fine with teeth (well that is what I am putting it down too) and at night time they wake up every 2 hrs!

I have just dressed Brie for the day and she looks so cute. It is funny I am very lucky as the girls are 2y 2 weeks apart so all the clothes I had for Mia fit Brie perfectly.... When I put this outfit on Brie just now I thought how cute she looked in it but I never really liked it on Mia, and there is another outfit that Mia used to wear that people would stop in the street and just comment on how gorgeous she was and Brie just doesn't look as cute in it, well maybe she does but..... Brie is the first pic!
anyway you get what I am trying to say.

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Brie on easter monday walking around the backyard with the washing trolley.

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This is the huge pic of Brie that I had framed I am so happy with it!!!

Going to see the clowns in the park again this morning, yesterday they gave us mums little pamper packs I can't believe how nice they are..... Today is their last day so there is a BBQ. Mia had her face painted as spiderman yesterday so I am wondering what she will ask for today.

Well I started this post at 5.30am I thought I would get up and clean the kitchen up and hang the washing on the line b4 the girls woke up but instead I sat down to do a bit of blog stalking and Brie woke up LOL.... well at least she is dressed ready for the day ahead,


Jennifer said...

I love the pictures of your daughter. I especially love the one of her in the green dress. What a great blog you have here. I will be back