Wednesday, 6 June 2007

{A few photo's of Brie today}

She has learnt too stand up on the tramp, and bend those knees.... that is her jump anyway!!

I think I just like the blue background in this one, I will be able to do a LO with journaling around this photo.

She had had enough and just wanted to get off the tramp by this stage, Brie is used to having Mia to play with all day and Mia was with her Dad out the bush all day today, so Brie was just a bit lonely.
I had to leave her on the tramp as I was hanging the washing out and she had already had her bath for the night..... She decided that playing in the toilet would be a fun thing too do! {.........So Gross :0(......... }

I also thought I better get a photo of Brie eating these mini marshmallows she just loves them and eats a hand full in about 3 seconds flat it is so funny.

Mia and James got home at about 8pm it was a huge day for Mia, she went to play with Stuart & Emma Larsen. Thanks Rosey for looking after her all day! Mia told me she had a lovely time with the kids. She is so funny at telling stories she says it in a way that I can not explain but I can understand what she is talking about. iykwim.....

Anyway I think she will have a hard time getting up for preschool in the morning, hopefully she will sleep in till at least 8.30am. I don't think Brie will as she went to bed at 6.45pm I best go to bed as it is nearly midnight and I have been catching up on my folding from the 8000 loads of washing while everyone is in bed

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Mel Goodsell said...

LOL she is sooo cute on that trampoline,

Jolene George said...

She looks adorable up there on the trampoline. Good way to keep her clean after her bath while you hang the laundry too. :o)

Kelley said...

Great photos Amie Your girls are so cute.

Mel Goodsell said...

Busting to see your panda :O)