Monday, 4 June 2007

{Photo's, Dubbo & A little Baby Boy}

Well I have joined up in a photo a day forum, ( I am supposed to be doing something scrapped a day too like a LO or a card or a OTP - I am 3 days behind already... Oops) so here are the photo's I took yesterday of the girls.... We went out to the river. I am getting a bit low on photos to scrap so this should get a few for me. *giggle*
We went for a little drive to Dubbo today... I felt like McDonalds! LMAO I wish I could use that as my excuse cause I probably only did drive there for Micky D's. I think Brie might be a MD fan as she ate more than Mia... Heaps More!!

No we went to Dubbo because Mia and I both needed tracksuit pants and I wanted to buy Brie a warmer set of PJ's as she doesn't like to keep her blankets on.
While I was in Dubbo I received a text from Kerry that she had had her baby!!!
Congratulations Kerry, Stuart & Girls - how exciting getting a little baby brother. Caleb Sebastian arrived at 11.40am today he was 9p 4o (4.17kg) & 54cm long. You can imagine how excited they would be after having 3 beautiful little girls already!!

Not much else has been happening, Old Salt came over for dinner last night we had the last of the fish that Salt caught it Darwin it was so yummy.... I made apple crumble as well but they were too full to eat it!

Here is my photo for today.... Brie in her warm new PJ's being a rocket just like the piccy on her PJ's Too Cute!!

Well we have Dancing and Playgroup tomorrow so it will be a nice busy morning, lets hope the girls come home and both have a sleep and I might get some much needed scrapping done!

Bri, sorry to hear about your Pa, thinking of you and your family....
Leah I hope your feeling better & lighter and your DC addiction has come back.
Good Night



Kyla said...

I must have been living in "the big smoke" for too long now, as I couldn't think of anything worse than driving 1.5 hrs to buy McD's, pyjama's or anything else...But you have to do what you have to. I'm loving KFC again atm, & K-Mart is 5 min's away...Good, but not always!!!