Tuesday, 26 June 2007

{Pie & PJ's}

The girls have so much fun playing with this pram, Brie just love getting pushed around in it.

OMG as I am typing this, Mia is in the most HYPO mood I have ever seen her in!!! She is near bouncing off the walls...... maybe it is the medication she is on I have told her to go to bed and she just yelled back at me NO NO NO...... The little turd she definitely has a mind of her own!!

This is what I have been up too over the last 2 days cooking and staying in our PJ's..... Yesterday I woke up and we went for a walk I was feeling in the exercising mood. I don't know what happened today, I didn't want to get out of my Pajamas..... But I did, Mia and Brie didn't though as there was a PJ day at dancing today and they got to go in their PJ's.
Mia had another temp last night it was 40.1 so I took her to the doctor this afternoon and they both have throat infections and Dr Chan thinks that Brie who is all of nearly 14ms old is going to have ADHD......all because she wouldn't sit still and wanted everything on his desk and when I said no she starting crying! Gee he goes on with shit! I said to him Mia was exactly the same at this age. Oh no she wasn't he told me. I told Salt tonight when he got home from work and he reckons Mia was worse at her age, she is slowly starting to lesson so I have hope yet!
Well just a quick post tonight,
Goodnight, Amie xx


Nurse Nyngan said...

Hi amie

Love the pie? What is in it? caramel? or lemon? looks yummo

Anonymous said...

hey amie,
hope my comment works, if it does it will be the first. just wanted to let you know i love your new blogg look. cant wait to get a P&T to go walking with you too. bec

Kyla said...

A big hello to Bec up there....see you in a few day's.

I love the new template Amie, one of my absolute favourite colours. We have PJ days too, usually on a Sunday when I couldn't be arsed getting dressed.

Don't listen to a word CC say's....You can't scientifically tell if someone has ADHD until they are 9. Until then you probably have a perfectly healthy, normal kid who does the usual naughty kiddy things....some that make you laugh, others that make you want to choke them....It's all part of growing up. Kristin could probably sympathise with you since Brooke was like that the other night. You didn't give her Smarties did you??

Jenny Boyd said...

damn you Amie - damn you to hell!!! Why did you have to go and show me that photo of the pie ....mmmmmmmmmmm lemon meringue, or even better..........mmmmmmmmm caramel pie......

Anonymous said...

Yummo Amie,
That pie looks fantastic!
I wouldnt take any notice of the Dr saying Brie has ADHD. I cant believe he would disagree with you and say she is worse than Mia at that age! I think you would have a much better idea than him.
Of course not that i've met your gorgeous girls, but Im sure they are just normal.


kristinbunting said...

Hi Amie,
Brooke was very hypo on Friday night. She got her ears pierced, so I gave her some smarties for being a very good and brave girl. I totally paid for it though, she wouldn't go to bed until after 10pm. I was talking to Kyla at 9.45pm and she heard her in full force!!!!
Hope the girls are feeling better soon.....

Sharryn Thomson said...

Hi Amie,
Just read your blog and have to say there were a few comments you made that I had a laugh over.
Those girls of yours are just adorable!!
That pie looks so yummy...I might do some baking tomorrow.
Sharryn Thomson
(Scrap the Boys)