Saturday, 23 June 2007

{Friday & Saturday}

Brie has learnt to spin around this is the photo I got of her doing it today! She has also been very naught smacking her sister and when I tell her not to do it she walks over and gives her a kiss......... Mia has totally taught her to do this bc she will hit Brie and then when I rouse she kisses her and says SORRY BIRIEEEE!
I played golf on Friday, I had the best day - you don't realise how much you miss something until you start doing it again.... When Kay comes home I am going to start playing golf on Sundays again! *hehehe I sure you won't mind having the girls Grandma*

Last night we had the CC for Forever Always and it was great lots of new faces participating, thanks Leah, Briony, Kelly & I am sure I saw Skye's name browsing the forum....

These are 2 of my LO's for the challenges. Today there is a bonus challenge we have to take photos of our day and pick the fave photo and then there will be a vote.... this is mine from today.

Mia was quite sick yesterday & last night with a temp Salty said she didn't move all day and was still the same when I came home from golf..... she stayed like this until about midnight last night and then decided she was hungry! I had given her some jelly and custard earlier in the night and also making sure she was drinking lots of lemonade & of course the nurofen was brought out in full force. She woke up fine this morning so that was good.
Salty has just eaten 6 toasted sandwiches for dinner the big pig!!!
I will leave you with this cute photo of the girls asleep tonight....... They both just love our new king size bed as much as we do!!!


Megan said...

Morning Amie,

I think your layouts are great - I love the one with the HS flower mask in the shape of a circle....just beautiful.

Your girls are just gorgeous in that last photo..very sweet.

And SIX sandwiches??!! He must have been hungry LOL.

Megan xx

Kyla said...

Great photo's Amie...the girls are so cute.
William has been sick too. We've been layering the Nurofen 6 hourly with Panadol 4 hourly....
Hope we get a chance to catch up this trip home....after all I'm thinking I'll be out there for the 2 weeks.