Wednesday, 13 June 2007

{My Very own Blinkie}

Sonia at Forever Always has been very creative and given us our own blinkies. How cute are they!!!
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It was so cold here today that when we went to playgroup this morning we had too leave and take up a huge amount of space in the local bakery with all our prams. I had a pie and caramel slice and it was so yummy, really hit the spot. Mia & Brie shared a pie and a donut as well, it is getting easier to take Brie out to eat as she is starting to eat heaps more.

Played my first game of netball in about 4 years tonight it was so much fun I loved it. (For someone who was whinging and thinking of not playing cause I am so fat!! :0)) First I played GK then went off for a quarter and then GD and then GS I even got 2 goals from 3 attempts. I was buggered when I came home so I bet I will be sore tomorrow!!
Brie is getting he needles tomorrow, they are a bit overdue as I forgot the first week she had turned one, and then she was sick for 3 weeks and then I forgot again last week so tomorrow I will have to go first thing after I drop Mia at Pre-School.

I am off to do some scrapping lets hope the creativity flows.......


Kyla said...

Love your blinkie!!!
Congrats. on your first game of netball in so long. Where did you play?? They have just started an indoor comp. here, I was thinking of starting but who knows.....

Amie said...

Love the blinkie!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Love that blinkie! I hope the needles go okay :O)