Saturday, 2 June 2007

{Sprinkle's everywhere & Lots of photos}

(click on the photo to see the sprinkles)

Yesterday Mia left the cupboard open and this is how I found Brie I thought she was just a little too quiet!! There were sprinkles everywhere!!! I have seen 100's & 1000's scrapbooking paper somewhere it would be great to find it again and use this photo in a LO.

Well we got up this morning and I decided that we would go for a walk and see the girls grandad, and drop Bailee's birthday present off....(we didn't end up dropping Bailee's present off as Bec has been sick and all the blinds were shut... I didn't want to disturb them) As I walked past the oval I saw that the junior netball was on so I rang Leah on her mobile as I thought if she was over there I would walk over and say hello. She didn't answer her phone instead I got a text saying they were all sick with the flu..... So Leah & family get better soon. So we kept walking up the street and brought some sausages for dinner and then headed over to grandads to say hello, he was doing his washing and just about to go and do the shopping, so we didn't stay long. He was saying that he thought Dean was coming to visit next weekend I think he is getting very lonely without Kay there. He said I told Dean they can all stay here this time!!! I told him that I don't think they are coming until July.

We then went past the craft shop and I brought some patterned paper to do my making memories LOVE Frame... I will share when it is finished.

We came home to get ready for footy, Nyngan are playing Bourke today. I woke Salt up at 12.30 as he is on nightshift and Mia thought she might go over with him and I would get over there before the game started,

well she is going through this stage where she says she wants to do something and then when you say OK she says NO I go with you mum...

Salt said to her Mia are you coming with me?

"No I will go with Mum she said"

so he went out the back door "I WANT TO GO WITH DAD"

Fine Mia go with dad,

"No I go with you".

Salt gets in his car "I WANT TO GO WITH DAD"
Righto go with dad I said you could....
No I go with you.
Salt just about to drive off
We said you could Mia hop in the car then.
No I go with you.

Salt drove off and I was left with her crying.... It's funny when you have the patients to deal with it, if I'm not in the mood well I just get cranky with her very quickly.

We came inside and she wanted to play with my hair so I knew she was tired she was asleep within 5Min's. Brie and I went into the lounge room then otherwise Brie just tries to wake her up by poking her in the eye with stuff..... like hair clips or her finger, or she just kisses her and that sort of stuff!

So then I rang Amanda to tell her we wouldn't be going to footy as Mia was asleep and I spoke to her for just on an hour.

Then I thought I still hadn't taken Brie's photo for her 1 year frame, when Mia turned 1 we had a family portrait taken and shots of her by herself. I thought I could take a decent enough shot of her myself so these are the photo's I got this afternoon. My favorite is the one where you can't really see her face from the sun! Does anyone know how to fix this?

This is my favourite of the girls. Mia woke up just before we went outside, I had asked her if she wanted to come out with us but she didn't. She ended up coming out halfway through which was good as Brie was smiling for her.

Here Mia was saying isn't she beautiful mum! - Can't wait to scrap this photo.

Salt has just got home from footy, They lost the score was 19-12 he thinks. I better go and make dinner for him before he goes to work.

I saw Kellie this morning and gave her Bryce's LO that I did last weekend she loved it.

Hope everybody is having a great Saturday.


Kelley said...

Great photos Amie
My girls are still doing what Mia is.
Can't wait to see the 100's and 1000's layout it could have been worse when Mel was little she dropped a whole jar of MINCED GARLIC on our tiled floor and it smelt for weeks at least yours looks pretty.

Amie said...

Such beautiful girls, A! I love the's moments like that that make me happy I'm a scrapper. Otherwise, I might just get angry!

nicky eggleton said...

Leave the photo with me Ami, I will try and fix it on photoshop whilst I am away this week.
That program I promised you, well I lost my copy and have ordered another one, which I haven't yet recieved. So don't worry, I haven't forgotten about giving it to you.
It will be worth the wait, I promise.

Kyla said...

Thanks for your comment, Amie....Your girls are just gorgeous & they look like they are going to be great friends.