Tuesday, 19 June 2007

{Happy Birthday Kellie}

Happy Birthday Kell, hope you had a great day!!! Even if Bryce woke you up at 6am *Giggle*

This is a photo of the girls last night, Mia has taken to making beds for Brie to sleep in, so she got the pooh bear lounge out and Brie's pillow and said lay down Birieeee (this is how it sounds when Mia says Brie). So Brie lays down for her and Mia tucks her in and she say "Take a photo MUM" before I could get a photo of Brie........ Mia jumps in and aren't they SWEET!!!!!

I have been scrapping today I have nearly finished Mel Goodsell's sketch which I am just loving I really really like the way it has turned out. The rest of the stuff is a secret until the end of the month. I am just trying to find a photo of me in the 80's and I can make a start to the challenges for the 123 Cyber Crop.

This friday night Forever Always is having their Cyber Crop for the month, I hope a few of you girls come and join in on the fun!!! The prizes are excellent.

Today we went to dancing and playgroup so it was a busy morning which was good, Brie came home and slept until just after 4.... Mia was tired but because I was scrapping she decided to come in a scrap with me.

Look MUM I scrapping booking she says to me it sounds cute. This is what she has been scrapping she just keeps adding and adding to it!! BUT it keeps her occupied while I scrap so I let her go.

While I am sitting her typing I have been listening to "The Nation" on WIN it has made me laugh a few times so I might have to watch it again next week.

Only 2 more weeks and Mia's grandma will be home, I can't wait to see what Mia does when Kay gets home..... Mia misses her grandma soooo much so not too many sleeps now! and of course we will get to meet baby Alex - Mia will love that too.

Well not much else is happening so I will say goodnight to you all and leave you with a photo from Mia tonight I am sure Brie is wondering what her sister is up too when she starts taking photo's of her. :o)


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Happy Birthday Kellie!, and hope Mia keeps up with the scrapping booking

Amie said...

Wow you have sure been scrappin lots!! Looks good! I like that gray one--neat!