Saturday, 16 June 2007

{More DT LO's}

Here are some more of my GDT LO's, the focus was on circles for the mid monthly newsletter.

Last night I chatted with the girl participating in the 123 Cybercrop, it is crazy you end up with a headache from staring at the screen keeping up with all the typing.....

I haven't done any of the challenges because you get 2 weeks to finish them.

I have only just turned my computer on for the day and surprise surprise my house is spic and span.... I haven't stopped this morning.

The girls have been playing in there Dirt Hole all week and today was no different they came inside filthy so I put them in the bath while they were in there I decided I would clean the bathroom and toilet and Mia decided that she would clean Brie, she washed her hair and then her body it was so cute. Isn't she a lovely big sister while she was cleaning her she must have noticed Bries little boobies, she kept saying to me LOOK MUM Brie's got boobies..... I just started laughing cause it really does look like she has!

Salt came off N/S this morning and has gone to Walgett to play footy I hope he makes it back in time for work tonight! He is crazy he is going to be so sleep deprived. (Stupid Football).

In other news how excited are we Kristal & Mark have

asked James & I to be baby Alex godparents. He is getting christened when Kristal comes home in July. In these photo's he is 7 & 8 weeks, Kristal said he just loves the monkey mobile he can be cranky and see the monkeys and start smiling!!!

Well Brie has just woken up so I think we might go and visit Grandad & take them to the park.

Have a good day everyone.


Anonymous said...

Amie your layouts are so good! How cute is baby Alex.

Anonymous said...

Mia is such a good little sister! Remember the other day when she ran home to check on bree i thought that was the sweetest thing ever!!

nic said...

Is that commenter Boydy as in my sister?
Anyway I have two questions.
1 How do you get so many layouts done in such short time
2 How can you afford it?
I am getting heaps done now I have gone digital cause it is so so cheap and I don't have to pack and unpack, just open the computer.
PS that program is being sent to me next week and will get to you soon. take care. Nic

Chrissy said...

Awww, congrats Amie! Being a godmummy is so special! :-)

Jenny Boyd said...

Hi Amie - love your layouts - what is the p/p used in the 'Bond' LO? you have done some fantastic work.