Sunday, 1 July 2007

{Ironing instead of Scrapbooking}

I don't know what is wrong with ME, today Mia went to the footy with her Dad and Brie had a 2 hr sleep and I did my ironing instead of scrapbooking?????? I need some inspiration to get scrapping again. I am sure it will come back soon.... Mia went to sleep at 5pm tonight so I am going to have a very late night with her I couldn't even stop her from going to sleep she was eating her dinner and her eyes were shut the poor little thing.

Mia was really well behaved in the church yesterday so that was good, the kids all had a great time playing together afterwards at the BBQ. We got home about 8ish and the girls were in bed as soon as I got them into their jimjams, and were both back in our bed by 3am....