Monday, 23 July 2007

{The Sandpit}

Well here are the photos of the girls in the sandpit. They just love it Salt said they played in it for hours yesterday.

On Saturday Salt and I cleaned the house, he vacuumed and mopped :o) and then when Brie woke up I took the girls for a ride on the bike, I haven't taken them on it in what seems like ages.... It was such a lovely day and we were going for a walk in the pram and when I saw the bike I thought we may as well go on it!

So we rode up to the servo to get some air in the tyres cause they were a bit flat and wow that makes a difference to how hard it is for me to pedal. Then we headed to the park but there was a birthday party on there so we kept going to another little park in town and the girls had lots of fun on the see-saw.... Brie had the biggest grin on her face!

Then we went to Jody's so the girls could play with Trae, and then headed home past the golf club to put my sticks on the bus for Sundays trip to Bourke.

We were in bed nice and early and I watched Beauty Shop for the second time cause it is just funny!!

On Sunday I got up at 5.30am to head to Bourke for the 2007 Western District Rosebowl. Mandy won the day so she is very clever I think she was 5 over for the day so that is great. I played really well and had 98 off the stick which is really good for me as I haven't played much at all lately. I got a lovely prize Scratch Runner Up C - Grade. The winner had 96 off the stick so I nearly won!! I had a lovely day and we got home about 11pm last night so it was a huge day.
Today I have just been tidying the house again, Brie slept for 3-1/2 hours today so she must have had a big day with Dad yesterday...
While I am typing Mia has been playing with my hair and she just pulled it a bit hard and I said Ouch!!! and she said it's alright mummy baby... LMAO it was so cute.
Brie has been starting to copy everything Mia does lately, especially with trying to talk as Mia just does not stop talking atm... They were in the bath the other night and I was asking Mia questions and she would answer me and then you would hear this laah blah llahhh Hellwoh come from Brie. Very Cute!
Well I off to cook dinner so have a good afternoon/night everyone.


Kyla said...

The sand pit is so cool, Amie. That is my next project once I get down the back finished. I was telling Griffo about it & he agreed it is an excellent idea. No sharp edges or splinters to worry about like with sleepers. Also a good idea because the wife can do it without his help....LMAO!!
P.S. Don't forget to get a tarp or something to cover it with so the local kitty cats don't use it as a portaloo. Yuck!!!

Nurse Nyngan said...

Fabbo sand pit, just remember to check it for cat droppings! Semms to be a popular drop off point for the feline variety

Kelley said...

love the sand pit Amie and so do the girls by the sounds of it.
Well done on your golf day.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a sandpit!! Your an ideas girl........ Looks like the girls love it lots!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great sandpit!
My boys' love theirs. Ned spent about 1 1/2 in it this morning. It will be so much easier having him out there when he is walking though.
Well done on your golf efforts too!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh Amie, that sandpit is really cool - they are going to have SO SO much fun in there!!

Jolene George said...

Loving the sand pit and obviously the girls do too.
Don't you love it when husbands help clean house? I do!

Jenny Boyd said...

What a great idea for a simple and easy sandpit! May just have to 'borrow' that idea...