Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Well first of all I would just like to thank everyone for there lovely comments on my last post.... it is all very encouraging and very appreciated...

I went to Dubbo and brought this table, I can't wait to save some more money and add to my new piece of furniture..... I didn't get the stools instead I got 2 normal chairs to go at each end. It was the only one I looked at I just loved it as soon as I saw it. It should be here in about 3-4 weeks.

I also brought another 2 seater lounge in a dull lime colour bc if you took any notice in the post where the girls were launching themselves of the lounge you would notice the big tear in the fabric and I really hate having a sheet over it. Brie just keeps ripping it every time she gets near it anyway the more you say don't the more she rips!

Well wasn't today a busy busy day, we went to dancing this morning and then onto playgroup.... Brie was very tired but we had to get the shopping done as we really didn't have alot of food in the cupboards. We came home and I put Brie to bed and then Salts mum came over while I posted some mail. I think it was at least 6pm before I even got to look at the computer :o(

So tonight I have just been doing some scrapping as the girls went to bed early and I figured I should update my blog.

Here are the LO's that I did on the weekend for the FA cybercrop, and the next one was the progressive challenge. I think it is the first CC that I haven't completed all the challenges which was a bit sad but I just couldn't find the time to scrap which is very un-usual for me.
Salt is out shooting tonight and if he gets in early I am going to play golf tomorrow.
Have a good night everyone.
Amie xx


Anonymous said...

Love the new dining setting! Very nice.
Loving your LO's, im sure there will be many more published ones from you/


Kelley said...

Great layouts Amie as always and I agree with Bri about there being more of your layouts getting published. Love the dining set I have looked at the same one before but just haven't had the money to buy yet. Keep up the excellent scrapping. Talk soon

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

love the furniture, love the layouts, love your work! ( and love my pressie's I got from Dubbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Jolene George said...

Love that table!
Your layouts are so pretty. Congraulations on getting published. That is such great news. I'm so happy for you.

Mel GOodsell said...

The layouts are really cool. I love the heart and how excellent is the jumping action shot in the other layout. Amie that table is beautiful, yummy yummy, I want one, lol.

Sonia said...

oh nice table amie....i love the benches - what shop is that!!!And you know i love your layouts...

hope you have fun at golf tomorrow

Amie said...

question on the heart layout--does it fold down the middle? or is it a two-pager? it looks like it is creased or cut down the middle, so i was curious. It's lovely!