Tuesday, 10 July 2007

{100 Photo's Later}

Yesterday we tried to get a photo of all the Taylor children together, LMAO how hard is it to get 7 kids looking and smiling nicely at the same time....... I should have called this post Mission Impossible!! Salt's brother Dean and his wife Sonya have 4 boys Benjamin, Joshua, Mathew and Andrew, Kristal owns baby Alexander and lucky James and I got 2 beautiful little girls which was such a shock to everybody after Dean getting 4 boys.....I think between Kristal & I we took about 100 photos and came out with about 4 decent ones!

Not much else happening in our house atm we are going to the park to play with the Weston's at lunch time today I am hoping Brie doesn't get too cranky as she hasn't had a sleep yet........they are busy drawing atm. I love hearing what Mia has drawn.

We are off to Dubbo on Friday, to take the kids to Kid zoo and then on to Orange as we are getting our Tax done on saturday morning.

All my scrapping supplies turned up yesterday and I am busting to get in there and do some scrapping but I was way tooooooo tired last night, so I might have to put in a late one tonight!

Have a good day everybody.

Amie xx


Mel GOodsell said...

Very nice group shot Amie!!! You did well to get such a great photo,

Briony said...

The photo is great Amie! I have just come home from the park. The boys had a ball.
I stayed up late last night and did a LO with some of my new things from Sonia.

Kelley said...

it must be the day for the park we have not long been home from there too. Love the photos Amie can't wait to see them scrapped.

Kellie said...

Good pics Amie of the kids, you are really good at taking these photos. I love black and white pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amie, I was just looking at your blog. My husband Jim was good friends with Dean at St Josephs (many years ago!) and I showed him your photo of the kids and he reckons the boy wearing glasses (is that the second eldest one?) looks just like his dad used to do!
Your layouts look great. I'm not a scrapbooker, but love looking at everyone's work. Very talented! Abigail McLaughlin

Megan said...

Hi Amie,

I think you did remarkably well to get the two shots you got! Getting two kids to look in the same direction and smile is hard enough lol.

Megan xx

Nic Finlayson said...

Amie, your photos are gorgeous.

Well done getting the kids to look, I struggle just with two - lol