Monday, 2 July 2007

{A Layout, some photos & no more for boobe' for Brie}

Here is a LO that I did last night for the CC over at Bons Scraps.

Also here are some photo's of the girls the other night with their dolls, it is funny they both have a bit of a fetish (I suppose you would call it that) with hair..... Mia will play with my hair Mary's hair - that is her doll and anyone else's for the matter. Brie will often lay on Mia and put her head on Mia's and grab her hair and stick her thumb in her mouth, it's a pity that she isn't a bit gentler about it .

Not much happening today I went for a walk with Amanda this morning Mia really wasn't impressed at all about it but I bribed her with choc chip cookies and she stayed in the pram. I cleaned up our backyard today there were toys everywhere I want to make the girls a big sandpit too, so I am going to find out where you get the big sleeper logs from and get it made asap they love playing in the sand. Now just to work on the inside of the house........ I really need to start prioritising my day.

I can't wait for my next DT parcel to arrive I think the nerves are pretty much gone now!!!

By this time tomorrow Grandma should be home Mia is going to be so excited. I said to her this morning who is going to be home tomorrow and she said MUMAAAA (that is how she says grandma and she actually calls grandad Nandad.

This little rascal has taken to pulling all her clothes out of her drawers this is how she came out of her room yesterday! She can be so cheeky sometimes you should see her run away when she knows she has something she shouldn't.....
I have just put her to bed but she is making a bit of a noise in there so I can't see her going to sleep.
Mia wasn't too bad last night she woke up at about 7pm and was back asleep at 10.15pm
Brie had her first day without any breastfeeding and handled it alright until bedtime and she turned it on a bit......she finally went to sleep about 9.30pm so just for my records she was 14months old.
Hope everyone is having a lovely time with their kids at home for the school hols. Mia is going to be quite disappointed when she realises there is no dancing or preschool for the next 2 weeks.
Amie xx


kristinbunting said...

Hey Amie, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the girls see Kay!!! Enjoy your day with everyone.....

Kyla said...

Allyce calls Carmel "Mum-mah" as well. I think it is so cute.