Wednesday, 18 July 2007

{A Challenge}

This is a challenge that Kye is running over at FA where you need to use Some Old, Something New, Something Borrowed(from someone in the gallery) & Something YOU!! It was fun searching through all my stuff for something old.... we all have the stuff in our stash that we have brought and never use :o(

Not much else is happening, I went to work today and played netball tonight and HOW glad am I that my MIL is back, most of my friends already know that I have the best MIL in the world..... today she looked after the girls here while I was at work and I came home to all my washing done, the girls toy room cleaned and there bedroom clean as well!!!! Thanks Kay xx

I also made a sandpit for the girls today out of plumbers pipe and elbow corners I guess you would call them!! I will take a photo of it tomorrow when we fill it with sand.

Mia has her first day back at preschool tomorrow and I am going to Mums Group I haven't been for so long! I think we are going out for lunch afterwards, so that will be lovely.

Mia has been asking questions non stop lately... is that a 3yo thing???

OK I best go to bed, have a good Thursday everyone.


Amie said...

This is SO good!! Have I told you what an Amie fan I am?! love it!

Kyla said...

Yep, it's a 3yo thing, & 4, & 5. All William says at the moment is "Muuuum....", in this bleating little lamb way. It was cute the first few times..... I've been at Griffo to build Jack a Sand pit for ages. I'm going to steal your pipe idea. At least then I can do it myself.......

Mel Goodsell said...

Yep that's a 3 year old thing - is she asking *Why? why Why?" 20 million times a day too? lol.

The layout is scrummy, I really love how you've put the photos behind the alpha letters.

Kristal said...

I miss your MIL (my M) too :(

Today was my so called washing day and guess how much I did - didly squat. Oh well, lucky Alex has a lot of clothes courtesy of Grandma LOL. I did manage to buy a charger for my phone though, so now I can play with the photos on my camera from home.

Thanks too for all the things you've lent me, I found the blue ball Yeh! And I left the soft toys (A has a lot to mess the house up with already) and sleeping bag etc at mum's house. I washed up all the other toys yesterday, Alex is going to think it's Christmas - not that he knows what that is yet. :)