Wednesday, 4 July 2007

{Grandma's Home & A Lovely Day in the Park with Friends}

Yes how exciting Grandma finally came home........ Mia & Brie were very excited to see Grandma Kay, Mia couldn't get her gumboots off quick enough & Brie really surprised me. I didn't really think she would remember her but she went straight in for the cuddle which grandma was very impressed with. Baby Alexander is just gorgeous I quickly grabbed him from Kristal for a big snuggle. Mark I can't believe how much he is like you!! Even his facial expressions. Kell (don't read the next sentence) Kristal was saying tonight that he sleeps for like 6hrs during the day.... isn't she one lucky Mum.
Today when we got there Brie was patting the chair for grandma to come and sit on and then Kay said "Do you want to come up here Brie" Brie cracks me up if your sitting somewhere she turns around backwards and backs up to you until you put her on your lap, it is very cute, well she did this to grandma and then sat there for quite a while just getting a cuddle. Mia is having a sleep over tonight I hope she goes to be early but I can't see that happening as her cousins from Melbourne have arrived and were coming over to visit. I had to leave as Brie was really tired, so I will see them all tomorrow.

Brie and I came home and as I was getting her ready for a bath she fell and hit her face & mouth on the side of the bath the poor little thing had blood coming out of her mouth and all she could do was scream. It would have really hurt. A nice warm bath with her mummy helped though. I dressed her in her PJ's and put her to bed and she went straight sleep without a sound....... She had quite a big day with the kids and only about 30mins sleep.

This is my LO for a progressive challenge that I ran over at Forever Always over the last few days.... I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with given that we all had the same instructions. Sonia even made us our own special blinkies.... there is pink everywhere in the forum.
Also here are my recycling LO's and Album that are in the current newsletter.

There is only a little bit of recycling on this LO, it is the teddy bear tag and it said Cherish - perfect embellishment.

On my happy LO I have used a nutrigrain box (for chipboard), a chicken crimpy box (for the word happy) and a satay sauce bottle (as a journaling stamp)

I have made this mini album using scratched CD's and CD/DVD envelopes.

Today I went to the park with Leah, Bec & Kerry and our 101 kids..... to join the other 101 kids that were there!!

We had a lovely day clucking over baby Caleb & little Miss Caitlin who we didn't really see much of as another clucky mum decided to steal her.

Then we headed back to Leah's to have some afternoon tea cause the $6 worth of chips between the 101 kids really didn't fill us up.

I am quite tired and about to head to bed but thought I better update the my blog for all my loyal FANS LMAO.......

What do you reckon - Do you think Mia's photography getting better....


Kelley said...

sounds like you all had a busy day.
Amie you have done an excellent job with the FA things lately I read the newsletter and got some really great ideas. Love your layouts and Mia is getting very good with her photography and brie makes a very cute model.

Amie said...

Wow, so much good stuff in this post! Great layouts, great! You made that journaling stamp from a bottle?? Do tell! Your album is awesome! And your poor baby hitting her mouth...oooh, ouch!

Briony said...

Did you take any photos of your big day at the park with 101 kids!
Loving your LO's as always. Just finished my progressive challenge. Cant wait to see the other girl's work. Poor Brie. Hope she's ok. The other night Ned was standing at the bath while I was undressing Jackson and somehow he managed to topple in clothes and all! I saw it all happen like in slow motion. He didnt go under water, he just had this shocked look on his face, followed by his cheeky giggle.
You should get Mia to scrap that photo of Brie she took??

hamblinj said...

I also had a look at the fa newsletter and what great work you are doing Amie - you should be very proud - love the one that they are using for their sketch - looks lovely. Keep up the fantastic work.

Jenny Boyd said...

Love your work Amie - especially the recycled one using the nutrigrain box. What did you use for the spots on the chipboard?
I am heading over to Forever Always now!

Mel Goodsell said...

LOL I loved that you used a nutrigrain box for chipboard!! Cool idea Amie!
There is nothing nicer that putting little ones in their jarmies and the popping them into bed and watching them go straight to sleep, I love that.

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Your work is beautiful!