Friday, 20 July 2007

{Last Night}

This is what Brie does mainly when she is outside...

I cleaned up my scraproom and did some scrapping for myself!!

I have so many photos of Mia & Brie, that I have printed to scrap and then just haven't so I square punched Mia's face out of 12 of them and did this very basic LO..... The other I just love I have used mostly Heidi Swapp products

I am out the back atm digging dirt out where the sandpit is going..... It's hard work and I am hot, the girls are going to love it though!

Salty went down and got the sand this morning and it was the wrong sand so he had to go back and shovel it off and shovel on the sand that I wanted cause there wasn't anyone there to use the loader..... Mia said "Thanks DAD I love you" it was prompted by me but it sounded so cute....


Anonymous said...

what a great way to use a heap of photos with Mia's LO. It's great! How adorable is Brie pushing the stroller around?

Mel Goodsell said...

Goodluck with digging out the rest of the dirt for the sandpit.

That's a really cute pic of Brie pushing the little pram around. I love the layouts are so clever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie
I love the LO of Mia it looks so good. How cute is Brie and her pram!