Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone,

I was nearly to tired to update my blog after reading everyone else's but I hate it when no one updates so here we go!

Well I can definitely say I have missed you all, I have had major withdrawals from not having any internet for the last 6 days. I rang telstra last night and made them give me a credit for the month of January as I have been offline for at least 10 days.

Well what has been happening - (sitting here trying to think.........still thinking)

I went out for Leah & Sally's birthday on Saturday night, we had a great night got home at about 1am I was very sick & sad on Sunday morning all I wanted to do was sleep. Remind me never to go out again drinking if I still have to look after my girls the next day.


Mia is going quite well in her swimming lessons on Monday all she did was cry the whole time that she wanted her floaties on so when we got home I made her practice what she did at the pool and on Tuesday she grabbed the noodle and got straight in. She still won't jump in or push off the side and swim to me. Maybe I am expecting too much from her.

I have been working the last 2 days shock to the system as I haven't worked since 22 Nov 06 & I wouldn't even call it that I only do about 6hrs a fortnight LOL.

I brought home a puppy from Dione's today just to see how Mia would go with it. She was pretty good a bit rough at times, Brie thought it was pretty good she just tried to eat it. Anyway when Salt woke up he said we couldn't keep the puppy and I had to take it back, which I didn't mind as I don't really like foxy's but Mia had fun with it for the afternoon.

I have been bike riding the last 2 mornings with Mia in the bike seat on the back she thinks it's great - you can buy these things that both the kids can sit in, a lady rang me the other day asking if I want to buy hers so I am going to have a look at it tomorrow - that should help with the resolution of loosing 10kgs this year.

Well I am very tired so I best get to bed still haven't got a new lead for my camera I should ring up tomorrow and order one.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on Brie's gorgeous piccies I couldn't choose so I brought the whole package Naughty Me!!!

Can't wait to scrapbook them all.