Tuesday, 16 January 2007


We had the biggest mini cyclone here last night, I was out playing golf and when we got to the 9th it started to spit, it wasn't too bad you could still play golf (there was a bit of lightining about) but as we all hit off it got a little bit heavier so we all rushed our putts and headed inside to what we thought was just a bit of rain. Instead of rushing home as it was only 7.25pm I thought I would stay and have a drink so then there was the biggest clap of thunder (some choice language from a few people that near jumped out of there seats) and it came pouring down from every which way possible. You should have seen the water that was laying around as well as trees and anything else that was bolted down.... All I could think about was if the girls were alright and I just want to get home. So it must have been about 45 - 1hr later I took my joggers off (they are new) and ran out to the car and went to see if salt was home so he could come and get the girls I was lucky I did as there were power lines down and I would have driven straight over them as I couldn't see much, anyway Nyngan is a mess there are roofs of houses and fences flatten everywhere very lucky that there is nothing wrong with our house. So the SES and Shire are very busy cleaning up today. Mia's swimming lessons have been cancel until next week now as the pool is a bit of a mess with the tree and stuff everywhere.

Salty measure about 60mm of rain but there would have been heaps more than that.

Brie is crawling forwards now just a few crawls and then a bit of a commando crawl on the end of it if what she wants is a bit further away.

Well it is supposed to rain again tonight so lets hope it doesn't storm again.

Thanks for looking Amie


Anonymous said...

Glad you got though the mini cyclone. We missed out, including the rain, although sadly this house looks as though it coped the brunt of it!
Amie I have not been able to comment for some time due to ‘technical problems’ but now that I can, your new years resolutions made me laugh as they were nearly the same as mine. So when I reach my ‘goal weight’ which is double yours, I am putting in an order for your cherry pie! Not only have I never made one, I have never tasted one and yours looked delicious.
Please keep posting, we all enjoy it.

Briony said...

Hi Amie,
Sorry. Havent been online for a few days. Wow!! That mini cyclone must have been so scary. Have never experienced anything like that here. The last few days it's look stormy, but nothing brewed. It would be nice it it did rain. Off camping at a lake this weekend, and it's supposed to be 40 degrees on Saturday and then thunderstorms. Will be very interesing. Will catch up when I'm home,

Jolene George said...

That sounds pretty scary! Glad everyone is okay!