Thursday, 4 January 2007

Taylor Tester

I have just had a look at the answers that some of you got wrong on my quiz - LOL the old fast food question got most of you. Kristy Weston got 60 she used her middle name Lynny as one of my other good friends has KW initials too. Anyway when we were about 18 we went too Sydney for the weekend and lived on McDonald's literally for breakfast lunch and tea for 2 days, when we were in Nelsons Bay the other day we took the kids there for dinner one night and were laughing how much we love maccas!!!

The girls are on a roll I haven't had too get out of bed this week b4 9am.

Above is a photo that I just took of them playing they look so happy I hope they grow up being great friends.

Playing twighlight golf tonight which will be good as it isn't too hot with all the rain we have had.

Thanks for looking Amie


Briony said...

Hi Amie,
Your girls are so cute! I have sent you an email about adding a photo to your profile. Hope it makes sense.
On the question of anymore kids? I dont know. I definitely said no after Ned. But who knows? Luke always wanted 5! What about you? You probably get the same question I do 'but, wouldnt you like a little boy?' (I'm asked that all the time in regards to a girl. I reply. 'Well, yes that would be nice, but who's to say that it would be a girl! And I'm very happy with my boys thank you)'.

Enjoy your golf tonight,

Jolene George said...

I love every picture you take of the girls...they are just so darn cute!

Neek said...

Amie - that photo is just stunning!!! Lovely....

Neek :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!!!