Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Mia's jumped ship

Well I have started the New Year off with trying to visit friends that I haven't seen in a while. So Mia has had a great day today we went over to Sonia's to visit Will & baby Cooper and then we went to Shirene's to see Chanel & baby Logan. We came home so Brie could have a sleep and when she woke up we went over to Jody's to see Trae well Trae and Mia always love playing with each other, they never fight and share the toys which is great for Jody and I as we can sit and chat in peace!!. Anyway when it was time to go home Mia didn't want to come with me she said "I not coming home, I stay at Trae's and have a bath" LOL so Jody let her stay and have dinner and a bath I have just gotten off the phone with her to see if Salty had picked Mia up as it was nearly 8pm and she said he came to get her but she would go home with him either. She obviously likes their house better!

So she has Trae's Tomas the Tank Engine PJ's on and sat up to a lovely meal of silverside and vegies and ate it all mind you

Jody has just brought her home she looks so cute in Trae's Tomas PJ's


Briony said...

Hi Amie,

Mia is so cute! The same thing happened to me last week when Jackson told me he was having a 'holday' at Nan and Pa's. Sometimes I think he prefers it anywhere but here. Thanks for your email. Will sit down and try to fix the LO. Will email you back about putting photo for your comments. I just have to remember hoe it's done!lol. It must'nt be too hard if I managed to do it!
Bye for now,