Saturday, 13 January 2007

Brie & Mia

Well quite exciting Brie has started crawling backwards LOL & Mia has just swam in the pool by herself with armbands for the first time this season but because Brie wrecked the cord on my camera I can't share any photo's.

Mia starts swimming lessons on Monday so I am sure by the end of next week she probably wont even need arm bands..

I am going to try and get some scrapping done tonight - hopefully the girls will go to bed early, Salty is going shooting I don't think he should as he has to get up to go to work at 5.30 in the morning. Well I better go and cook dinner. Potatoes were on special for $7 for 10kg this week so I guess we will be having potato with something.


Jenny Boyd said...

ah amie - as you probably guessed - my answers to your friend quiz were pure chance (except for the one about Maccas which you had commented on in a previous post!
Damn Mia and that camera cord - it is always lovely to see pics of the gorgeous girls.

Jolene George said...

You must get another cord. I love it when you share pictures.
How funny that Brie is crawling beckwards. That would be fun to see. Mia is such a big girl to be brave a swim by herself...even with floaties.
I hope you got some scrapping done!
I did get your email...thanks for the link!