Monday, 1 January 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! :o)

Happy New Year everyone here are some photo's of last night.

You have gotta love the lets get drunk and take photos of ourselves pics
We went over to the motel and had dinner it was very nice, we didn't stay for desert as we had to get to the RSL before 11pm otherwise you can't get in, so Jamie shouted us a cocktail called a tsunami here is a photo of Jamie all dressed up for the beach party themed NYE

We had a great night dancing to Roydon, playing the pokies LOL and just drinking and catching up with everybody I left the girls at about 1.15am and walked home. I got home at 1.30am and Salty's mum was still here awake I thought once the girls went to sleep she would have gone home as Salt was home but she didn't know if he would hear the girls if they woke up crying (he is on day shift.

So I guess I should think about some new years resolutions
To be more organised - house and life
I would love to loose another 10kgs this year
Entertain more - apparently it is one way to make sure you clean your house, have people over at least once a month.
Try and get Salt to build me a house or renovate this one (wishful thinking) is this a resolution????

Anyway I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Thanks for looking



Jolene George said...

You all look so happy! Glad you had fun and got home safely. Great new goals too Amie!

Neek said...

Happy New Year Amie.......!! Looks like you had a great night in good 'ole Nyngan!! :) Didn't go to the B&S I see!! :)

Neek :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie
Looks like you all had a great New Years!! Luv ya blog!!
kel b