Thursday, 11 January 2007

And I think I am having a bad day!!!

Don't you hate it when you just shouldn't have gotten out of bed.... My husband is the biggest shitstirring bastard you have ever met and thismorning he really gave me the shits LMAO (NOW).... Lucky it doesn't take me too long to get over being cranky as it was this morning if I hadn't of had to play golf tonight I think I would have taken a little holiday over to my mums or sisters. Anyway over that now!! Went to golf and took it out on the golf ball.

I have just read Miller Madness's blog it is so sad and my heart breaks everytime I read it that is probably why I snapped out of being cranky, & the music she has playing makes you want to cry even more.

Brie has slobbered all over my camera cord so now I cant upload any photo's not that I have taken any in the last few days.

Well I haven't got much else to say, it looks like a bomb has gone off in my house as I didn't do anything today besides watch tv & eat caramel popcorn YUMO I watched the Break Up it was excellent I really enjoyed it I am going to watch it again when I go to bed..

Well lets hope I wake up in a better mood tomorrow.


Jolene George said...

Hey! Wouldn't you know...I had a bomb go off in my house too. Ironic, huh?! :o) Glad your mood improved!