Monday, 29 January 2007

Brie is not a very happy camper tonight she is in her cot screaming at the moment :0( I wonder how long I can put up with it!!

On Friday we went to Nyngan's Australia Day celebration they had a really nice breakfast cooking for everybody and the usual awards one of my friends Mandy received Senior Sports person of the year she said a lovely speech. After breakfast we came home and Salty went to sleep as he had just come off night shift. Mia, Brie and I all had an afternoon nap and then headed down to the RSL for a bit of socialising, Salt joined us about an hour later and decided to have a night out so we came home by ourselves about 10.30pm.

On Saturday morning we heading out to the Weston's for the weekend and had a lovely time, the boys went Yabbying and we got to eat the best steak you have ever tasted topped with garlic yabbies. The next morning James celebrated his 4th birthday he was very excited we made a number 4 cake which was very yummy.

Brie has stopped crying I hope she is asleep I'd better check!!! She out to it...

She was soooo tired she only had just under an hr sleep today as Mia woke her up. She's a naughty sister.

Today I took Mia to see Dr Chan as she jumped off a table at the RSL the other night and has been limping ever since, he doesn't really know what is wrong with her so I have to take her to Warren tomorrow for an X-Ray as Nyngan is booked out until next Wednesday Living in a small town sux sometimes. I don't think there is anything wrong but she is a tuff little thing and doesn't complain very much so it is best to make sure I guess - she wouldn't be limping for no reason.

Well it is my Nana's birthday to day she is 74 Happy Birthday Nana, I will have to ring tomorrow as by the time I thought of it today it would have been nearly 10pm in NZ.

Thanks for reading