Saturday, 6 January 2007

A scrapping day at home!!

Last night we went to the Motel for dinner it was so yummy I had New York steak with Hollandaise sauce which I have taken quite a liking too since we went on holidays and my sister told me to have it on my eggs. I would have loved to have desert but I was way too full after having bread and an entree'.

We went out with Bec, Griffo, Belinda & Joe so it was nice to catch up with everyone I ended up have a few too many Riccodonas SP??? and Bec had to drive us home in my car I still haven't gone to get the car yet!!

Salty has taken Mia yabbying with him today I was so pleased when he said he would take her as I have heaps of scrapping ideas in my head and would like to get some LO's done b4 I loose my MOJO. LMAO

Below is a clipboard that I saw on Fiona Carters website and a Calendar that I was give the other day with Nyngan Business's phone numbers and stuff so I thought I would alter that as well. I have printed out 4 big A4 size photos that I am going to try and scrap today as well. Brie is being really good not needing too much attention she is just playing with her toys on the floor she should go back to sleep soon so that will be good.

Jolene I hope you have a lovely weekend with Chad before he leaves, I will be thinking of you....

Thanks for looking Amie


nic said...

You are so fortunate to get time to yourself or time just with Salty so often. I am jealous! My only time out is at work but of course I am working then so do not have time to myself. In two days I am getting my hair done and can't wait for a few hours out of the house by myself! Take care.