Sunday, 20 May 2007


Not much has been happening to day, Salty went to get some bait fish with some friends and the girls & I stayed home much to Mia's disgust...... Brie has had about 20 mins sleep all day the poor little thing has a cold and today I was feeding her weet-bix and it must have gone down the wrong hole and she started sneezing alot, LMAO she had snot and weet-bix coming out her nose for a while & just when I thought it was over she would sneeze again and a bit more weet-bix would fly out!!

Today Mia was outside while I was getting the above LO done for a scrap therapy challenge, I had just finished it and was going outside to take a photo of it when I saw what she had been doing!!! our weather has just turned cold after the rain the other night and have a go at her (no wonder she has a cold) the water would have been freezing but she didn't care she was having fun. She came in and had a nice long hot shower.

Well I am off to bed I have had a crappy day dealing with the kids and I am so trying to not be cranky but when you have a husband that is never home it gets a bit trying at times.....

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.



Amie said...

Gross story, Aim!!

Mel Goodsell said...

I hope you're having a better day today :O)
Love the layout, how freaky, I scrapped a layout a couple of days ago that has those ribbon crosses on it. lol.

Teresa said...

That's just too cute... Mia just wanted to have fun..... T

Mel Diener said...

roflmao @ Mia, how gorgeous is that. I thought MY kids were bad running around in tutu's lol.

Briony said...

Hi Amie,
Hope Brie is feeling better soon. I know the feeling about having a crappy day with the kids. The last 3 have been awful with Ned. I think he his having teeth problems. I am so sick of him holding my leg the whole day! I havent even had the chance to blog for ages either. This sound awful, but I am kind of looking forward to having to work tomorrow as I 'll be out of the house and wond have to worry about screaming kids! (Only my poor MIL will!) Enough said though, I wouldnt give them up for the world, and come 3:30pm will be looking fwd to coming home to them. Shit! Ive rambled on, sorry!