Wednesday, 9 May 2007

{Poor Little Mia}

Poor Little Mia is sick today, last week I noticed her 2 year old molars were coming through at 3 years of age which I thought was funny.... Anyway she was quite upset all morning and cried at the drop of a hat which isn't like Mia at all. When we came home from Leah's she went into my bed to have a sleep and then she woke up at about 2.30 saying her belly was sore & she wanted medicine, I took her temp and it was 38.9 so I gave her the last drop (literally) of Nurofen that was in the house & she laid there I thought she was going to vomit so I raced to get a bucket and she told me "NOOO YOU go and scrapbook" LOL that was what I was doing when she woke up...... anyway so I went back into my scrapbook room and when I came out this is how I found her.

She stayed like this for about another 1/2 hr and then Brie woke up and decided she would wake Mia up too, so we headed down to the chemist to get some more Nurofen and now she seems alot better and has even had something to eat. I just love Nurofen.

I forgot to mention that Mia won First Prize at the show for Childrens Best Pumpkin!!

Have a good night all,



Neek said...

don't fret about the teeth - Luke's 6yo molars have only just finished coming through and he is 9!! :) On the other hand Hamish's 6yo are thru exactly on time... They all vary.

Kyla said...

Hope she is feeling better soon. I too love Nurofen (if they can take it) - when they are really sick it is good to layer it with Panadol. Talk to Sarah about it - one only works for 4 hrs, where the other works for 6.....When they have high temps & fevers it gives them a little more relief time.