Friday, 11 May 2007

{Check This Out !!!}

This is just funny and complimentry at the same time... Give it a go.


Kelley said...

We were just doing the exact same thing did you read Millar Madness blog and get the site to do that because that is where I saw it so I just did it and then read your blog and you had just posted yours.
How scary is that.

Anonymous said...

Look out Brie.......... Gemma Ward the supermodel!


Kyla said...

Don't tell Salt he is 77% Compatible with Billy Zane - his head will swell & he won't fit through the front door. On 2nd thoughts he'd probably say Billy who? I know Griffo would.
That's really funny, I'll have to give it a go!! Jack would probably be 98% compatable with Ron Howard!!