Thursday, 3 May 2007

May Sketch Share

Here is my May Sketch Challenge

Yesterday was fun Brie & Mia both enjoyed Dorothy's Dance Party. I didn't manage to get a photo of Mia as she was too far away and they were blurry.

I got a new King Size Bed - I didn't think Salt would really buy me one (I was prepared to throw a tanty in the shop if he didn't) So it should be here in about 2 weeks.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my exciting news.
I was looking in Mia's mouth the other day for some reason and she is getting her 2 year molars at 3 I thought that was funny, not that they are giving her any problems she said they aren't hurting her.
Mia is at preschool this morning and Brie is a bit lost without her so I have let her go and play in Mia's room it is keeping her quiet for a while... *giggle*
Have a good day everybody!!!


Megan said...

Fabulous layout Amie!

And I am so pleased you enjoyed Dorothy :-)

Anonymous said...

Can I ask a question? Why dont you punch out the middle of the letters? As you can tell I'm not a scrapper! KW ;)

Amie said...

Beautiful layout, Amie!! I think that's one of my favorites of yours.--I've wondered that same thing about the middle of the letters...

Neek said...

Lovely layout Amie.....very nice indeed! :)


Amie said...

Hey girl, can I ask a favor? Every now and then I get freaked out at having my last name out there with my blog and email and everything. Would you mind taking my last name off your list of links? You can keep Amie or put Amie H. or something to differentiate between yourself and me. Thanks! I know I originally gave it to you, but this evening I've been doing searches and anywhere that my full name pops up, I try to change it if I can. Thanks!!