Saturday, 26 May 2007

Last night FA had there monthly CC. The challenges were definitely a challenge *Giggle*. I got the first challenge done last night you had to do a monochromatic LO either using purple of green I chose purple and you had to use "It's about Life, It's about Love, It's about Us as a title or in the journaling.

I have completed the other 2 this morning as Salt has given me a day to myself!!! Funny how when they are gone you wonder if they are all right..... I am sure they are, he will have to bring Brie home soon as she will need a sleep.

Challenge 2 was inspired by the Power of One & Memoirs of a Geisha I chose to do the Asian themed LO using some sort of ephemera. My ephemera was downloaded Asian font...... mmmmm don't know if that's allowed but anyway I had nothing else. You also had to use the word Celebrate in the title or journaling again. I printed the word celebrate in the font I really like it. Stacie got her P's yesterday so I figured that was definitely worth celebrating.

The 3rd challenge was a double LO sketch. How fun was this to do I just love it!! I was able to scrap Mia in the pool last Sunday.

I have also altered this drive washing powder box to keep all

my chipboard alphas and shapes in I am going to do another one keeping the lid on. (it makes the room smell pretty too!!) Well I better go and keep creating while the house it quiet.

Salt won footy last night who knows what the score was, at 2am this morning i really didn't feel like asking.

Mia was sitting next to me on Thursday and decided to tell me how much she loves Brie it was so cute... Next minute she is on the floor with Brie saying "I love you Brie, Mum went to hospital to get you and you came out of her belly and then I came to visit you on the bus.... She has the best memory. I love how much they love each other Brie will wake up in the mornings and give Mia a kiss it is so sweet.

Have a good Saturday.


Anonymous said...

That is very cute! The boys are sweet together here too! In the morning (they share a room) you hear Jackson saynig 'mornin Neddie' It's very cute. However, they do het a bit rough together that has begun lately. Ned is just as much to blame though! He is a determined little 1 yr old! Loved your LO'S


Kelley said...

Love all the layouts Amie wish I could find the time to do a CC haven't done one in ages.
Congratulation to Stacie on getting her P's.

Kyla said...

Glad you got a day to yourself to be creative. It can be just the thing to recharge the battery's.
Congrat's to Stacie for getting her P's. Glad I got mine in good old Nyngan, couldn't imagine doing it somewhere where the traffic is faster than a snail's pace!!!

Narelle and Monique said...

Very nice LO Amie. Love your box as well how cool is that, Great idea..Bye Narelle

Neek said...

I really must buy a box of laundry powder JUST so I can scrap it..... !! :) Oh dear we have it bad eh?

Neek :)