Sunday, 13 May 2007

{Happy Mothers Day!!}

*edited* Here is Mia's mothers day present that she made at pre-school, when I picked her up on Thursday she wanted to give it too me then.... so cute, I told her to come home and hide it and I would tell her when it was time to give it too me!!

It was all wrapped up using a painting she did and a flower that they made, I should have taken a photo of it wrapped.

It has a magnet on the back so it is up on the fridge.

This is what I got for Mothers Day, 2 beautiful cards and breakfast in bed, ( & I brought myself a new scrapbooking album yesterday) *giggle* The girls wouldn't be co-operative this morning so these are the best photos Dad got!!!

Happy Mothers Day to my Mum & to Salty's Mum hope you both have a great day... My mum is over in NZ with Nana & Grandad so I am sure they will be having a lovely day together & Kay is with her Daughter in Brisbane so they will be able to celebrate Kristal's first mothers day together so that will be nice too!

I was trying to find some of Mia's winter clothes this morning she doesn't really have a lot of around the house trackies this season so I was looking to see if any of last years would fit her and found her poncho's (Leah's mum Janet knitted this for Mia 2 winters ago) & Brie who we all know doesn't like to miss out on anything sat there grunting at me until I put it on her..... she looked very cute in it, she must like the feather trim as she snuggled right into it when I first put it on her.

Here is a photo of Mia posing as captain feathersword.

Not much else happening here today Salt had to work so we are just going to stay home and be lazy with this cooler weather.

My friend Kellie is in labour with her fast baby, how nice for her lets hope she has a nice easy labour and the baby comes on mothers day!! I will let you know when the baby arrives.

Happy Mothers Day everyone.


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Amie said...

Mmm, what a yummy looking breakfast! how fun! Hope you had a nice day!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

I'm just commenting to see if my photo comes up- LMAO

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

and it dooes!

nic said...

Amie, please email me so I can email you back!

Kyla said...

Way to go Salt.....I asked Steve if I was going to get BIB (I can't repeat what he said, because he was still 1/2 asleep & it didn't sound good!!). Maybe next year when Jack is a bit older!!
P.S. Love the photo Leah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amie, Brooke has the same pj's as Mia.
P.S Leah, noice fringe!!!!!
- Kristin

Jolene George said...

How SWEET! Love the pictures. What a great mother's day gift.