Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Last night I was trying to do my challenge over at 123 Challenge, anyway I started it, you had 2 use 3 or more patterned papers, flowers and a transparency.... Anyway I started doing this LO and realised I hadn't used 3 or more pp's and I don't have any transparencies anyway. I just love this LO anyway.

I will have to have another go at it tonight.

Yesterday we moved Mia's bed into Brie's room as the house is just not big enough for all their toys.... we had to pull the cubby house down bc we will be starting the fire soon and it would be too hot for it in the lounge room so we are putting the cubby in Mia's old room along with the rest of the toys around the house.I figured if we have a toy room and a sleep room, the house might stay a little tidier.
Well didn't Mia turn it on last night.... I stuck to my guns and she went to sleep in her new room....... (I don't love my bed MUM) I heard this about 50 times followed by lots of crying. Little Miss Brie slept through it all.
We have playgroup in the park this morning so I better get a move on.


Narelle and Monique said...

Hi Amie, Love your LO - you are on a roll.

Kelley said...

Excellent lo amie really love the flowers and the photo is so cute.