Tuesday, 22 May 2007

What a great DAY!!!

Well I have had a great day today.... I got up about 7.40am, had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen WITH BLEACH mind you! We then went to dancing, we even got a little concert from the kids which is always great to see. Then it was back home to pack the girls lunches for playgroup. We came home at 1pm in I put Brie to bed and Mia sat down to watch some TV, and I finally did my ironing that has been sitting on the kitchen table for at least 2 weeks ( I hate ironing... I have the best MIL in the world who does it for me), anyway that made me feel really good for getting it done so I went in and cleaned out my wardrobe, I chucked a garbage bag of clothes out, just all the stuff I haven't worn in the last year. Then put all my clothes away and by then Brie woke up and I cleaned their bedroom up put all the books away that came out of Mia's old room - she has soooo many books to go along with her way too many toys!

We then went out the front to wait for my NEW BED.... It is half put together so now that Salt is home he can help me put the mattress on and I can't wait to go to bed tonight. Well we have just put the mattress on the bed & OMG as soon as I eat dinner I am going to bed it is AWESOME.

Anyway now that my house is clean and the ironing is done, the last load of washing is in the wash , the girls are in bed (both at 7.00pm)... I have sat down to do a bit of blog stalking and I went over to Mel Goodsell's blog and I have won this gorgeous little bear,
so that has just made my night. Thanks Mel.
Ok enough from me have a good night everybody.


Kelley said...

Aime I wish I had your energy at the moment my house could do with a good clean.
Congratultions on your win from Melissa.
When are we going to see pics of the new bed.

Mel Goodsell said...

Oh Amie, you are so sweet :O)

It sounds like you had a lovely and productive day!

Amie said...

How great! I love days like that! Congrats on your new bed. Hope it gets 'christened' soon, hee hee!! =)
(by the way, your page loads so slowly now that you have that video on there!)

Amie said...

Hi Aim, thanks for your kind words on my blog! I was so scared to post that last one, but I did work pretty hard on it and kinda wanted someone to see. Who better than my bloggin' friends, right? ;) Sweet dreams! (Is it a king-size bed? I could never go smaller than that now, I'm so used to it...I don't even have to touch Danny in the same bed if I don't want to, lol!)jk

Megan said...

You are a big lucky duck Amie...a new bed AND the little bear from Mel!

Hope you had a good sleep :-)
Megan xx

Mel Diener said...

Making me jealous here...we SO need a new bed, ours is so old and saggy, it's not funny lol.

Yay, congrats on winning one of Mels gorgeous creations, she's such a talent that girl.

Neek said...

Congrats on the creation Amie - I would love to see it when you get it.

Neek :0

Kyla said...

Thanks for the B/day wishes Amie...Sounds like you had a great day, you are pretty lucky to have Kay to help out. Makes me wish my mum was here to help out more often. But she can't/won't leave good old Nyngan, not that I expect her to. This is where we have chosen to make our life. It's good when she comes to visit though, as I never have to lift a finger!!