Saturday, 5 May 2007

Good Morning....

Good morning all,
Well my little question yesterday got lots of comments, Nic one of my best friends left a comment asking why I leave them in as she is not a scrapbooker so I thought I would ask why?

I leave them in bc I obviously saw it in a magazine or on someones work I admired & liked how it looked!! Now I don't seem to be able to take them out. LOL

Well I have been up with the sparrows this morning Brie woke up just b4 6am and I fed her and put her back to bed, then I couldn't get back to sleep! I thought I would get up and clean b4 they all wake up and make another mess. Now Mia is up, I was going to fit some scrapping in as well - maybe I can put the TV on and sneak in there.......

Here are my little spudkids 2 cute, I took these on Thursday while they were playing in my potato drawer(sp).

Salt is playing Union today I really don't want him to play I think he is getting too old and they won the gf last year I think he should leave on a high..... but he doesn't want listen too me.

I made a DVD of photos for all our family members who don't live in Nyngan (pretty much everyone except Salts mum & dad) 165 photo over the last 6 months. I put 5 Tim McGraw songs to it and I am really happy with it. I sent Nana &Grandad in NZ one for christmas and he rang up nearly crying he was that happy watching it.... I was the favorite granddaughter that day *giggle*

Being National Scrapbooking day today I am hoping to get some scrapping done today I even cleaned up my room last night so I could focus

& be in the ZONE LMAO... it didn't work I went to bed instead... Leah thats where I was when you rang!

Have a good day everybody.


Kelley said...

the photos are so cute. I agree with the union thing Stephen is playing again and I can't stand the idea so I know how you feel about Salty playing.

Goodluck your show entries