Friday, 11 May 2007


Hi everybody,

I received my Design Team pack in the mail yesterday, in all the excitement I forgot about winning one of the challenges so when I got 2 lots of Happy Mail from Forever Always it was extra exciting. So the pressure is on now to create something special...... *hehehehe* I went and got some photos printed to use but as I have girls I am finding it really hard to match the photo's to the papers as the papers are red and the girls wear alot of pink!! Anyway it is all good fun & I have 2 LO's completed already and one sitting on my desk half way there.

I also received my RAK from Narelle that I won a few weeks ago so I can't wait to use all of the great stuff that she sent..... Thanks Narelle your very generous.

Totally off the subject my lower back has been really sore since Sunday I am starting to wonder if is because I sit in front of this computer too much...

Mia is better, but hasn't gone to bed yet she is too busy eating Nutragrain - all that not eating has caught up with her and she hasn't stopped eating tonight, I think it is a ploy to not have to go to bed!

Brie has not been a happy camper for the last 2 nights either I think I am going to blame the Yummy Choccy Cake that Kerry made for us on Wednesday, she wouldn't go to bed last night and when she finally did she woke up about 20mins later screaming and had to be rocked back to sleep, she then woke at 12 & 4 for a feed (well that is what puts her back to sleep anyway). Tonight she screamed for about 20mins before even going to sleep!!!! grrrr normally she is soooo good when I put her to bed.

We went for a bike ride this arvo I needed some exercise, & the girls needed to get out of the house. They look so cute sitting there with their helmets on, they both fell asleep which looked even cuter. .

My mum is heading over to NZ to see Nana & Grandad tomorrow I think - I know she will be there for mothers day anyway, Have a nice holiday MUM.

Well not much else to share - Monique I hope the red wine is doing the trick!!!

Have a good weekend,



Neek said...

LOL Amie - not red - white! :) And slowly doing the trick.

Kelley said...

WOW how exciting Amie can't wait to see the finished projects.
Maybe if you use a black and white photo it may match better with the paper