Sunday, 6 May 2007

The Nyngan Show

Well Mia has had a great day at the Nyngan Show as you can see from the photo's she went on everything she could possibly go on, wanted to go on the bigger rides just stood there staring at them wanting me to let her go on them

.... thank god she wasn't tall enough next year is going to be a different story!!

The scrapbooking section was displayed beautifully, Narelle & Monique did a great job. I did really well 3 firsts, a second & a third & 3 highly commended and a special mention Nyngan Scrapbooking Champion (in other words close but badluck) for not winning the scrapbooking champion which I thought was a load of shit, so out of 9 entries 8 little cards to bring home is pretty good I suppose. It isn't judged on how many first places you get it is judged on the best LO or OTP apparently which is why I got a special mention as it was between Monique's LO and Mine..... Congratulations Monique on winning. I don't envy the judges job as everyones work was great. So I have lots and lots of ribbons to collect tomorrow afternoon.

We have just come home to give Brie her dinner and then we are heading back out for the fireworks.

There is also a photo of Brie walking sort-of today she has walked alot I would say by next week she won't even be crawling.



leewoodside said...

Oh what fun photos!
Congrats on the scrapping part of the show!

Kelley said...

Congratulations on you show winnings your layouts and otp were excellent.

Kristy W said...

Are you going to show us which ones won? As I am a bit far away from Nyngan, couldn't make it today.... KW :)

Narelle and Monique said...

Congratulations Amie - You sure did have some beautiful work on display this year. bye Narelle

Jenny Boyd said...

Gee it has been a long time since I have caught up with your blog Amie. Firstly a HUGE congratulations on the guest design team selection. That is just fantastic - I can only imagine how much this would mean to you! You certainly have been busy scrapping and doing some stunning work.

Well done in the show! Next stop - Royal Easter Show for you Amie!

Chrissy said...

Oh hey congrats on all those ribbons at the show Amie!! You'll have to post them here so we can have a looksy! :)

Take care!
Love Chrissy xx